2ParsonsZur Theorie der sozialen Interaktionsmedien
1SchonfeldZuckerberg: "We Are Building A Web Where The Default Is Social"
1Center for History and New MediaZotero Quick Start Guide
2Hochman and ManovichZooming into an Instagram City: Reading the local through social media
1PapacharissiZizi Papacharissi
0Zellner and MarshZellner Interview, July 29, 1995
2InclánZapatista and Counter-Zapatista Protests a Test of Movement–Countermovement Dynamics
1WeschYouTube and You: Experiences of Self-awareness in the Context Collapse of the Recording Webcam
0Your prezis | Prezi
1Your prezis | Prezi
0Young, Andrew, 1932-
1UnderwoodYou can't govern reception.
1Mislove et al.You Are Who You Know: Inferring User Profiles in Online Social Networks
0TEDtalksDirectorYochai Benkler: Open-source economics
0YellowBuzz - asian american music blog
1YellowBuzz - asian american music blog
0Yarimar Bonilla
1Yarimar Bonilla

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