2Arenas and LibkinAn information-theoretic approach to normal forms for relational and XML data
1Peckham and MaryanskiSemantic Data Models
Collect resources on narrative too -- the idea that conversation requires a "wo
4HanksExplorations in the Deictic Field
2WaldBasic ideas of a general theory of statistical decision rules
2MichieLearning concepts from data
2Klein et al.Exploratory Thematic Analysis for Digitized Archival Collections
2Vulić et al.Probabilistic topic modeling in multilingual settings: An overview of its methodology and applications
3Schofield and MimnoComparing Apples to Apple: The Effects of Stemmers on Topic Models
1SchmidtWords Alone: Dismantling Topic Models in the Humanities
2SchmidtVector Space Models for the Digital Humanities
0SchmidtWhen you have a MALLET, everything looks like a nail
1SchmidtSapping Attention: How not to topic model: an introduction for humanists.
1SchmidtSapping Attention: Shipping maps and how states see
1SchmidtSapping Attention: Reading digital sources: a case study in ship's logs
1Boyd-Graber et al.Care and feeding of topic models: Problems, diagnostics, and improvements
2MimnoComputational historiography: Data mining in a century of classics journals
1BleiProbabilistic Topic Models
1BleiTopic Modeling and Digital Humanities
2Ramage et al.Topic Modeling for the Social Sciences

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