Collect resources on narrative too -- the idea that conversation requires a "wo
1SchmidtWords Alone: Dismantling Topic Models in the Humanities
2SchmidtVector Space Models for the Digital Humanities
0SchmidtWhen you have a MALLET, everything looks like a nail
1SchmidtSapping Attention: How not to topic model: an introduction for humanists.
1SchmidtSapping Attention: Shipping maps and how states see
1SchmidtSapping Attention: Reading digital sources: a case study in ship's logs
1BleiTopic Modeling and Digital Humanities
2Ramage et al.Topic Modeling for the Social Sciences
1RhodyTopic Modeling and Figurative Language
1MeeksTopic Networks in Proust
1JockersWho's your DH Blog Mate: Match-Making the Day of DH Bloggers with Topic Modeling
1Mining the Dispatch
1TempletonTopic Modeling in the Humanities: An Overview
1BlevinsTopic Modeling Martha Ballard’s Diary
1About the Woodchipper: Byron and Austen
1TOME: Interactive TOpic Model and MEtadata Visualization
1Quickstart Guide
1My E-Tickets
1Rare Interview from 1978 | Webcrunchers

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