0My {Profound} {Post}
2Fu et al.Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Signal and Data Analytics: Identifiability, Algorithms, and Applications
2Vogel et al.Stress affects the neural ensemble for integrating new information and prior knowledge
2Hernán et al.Data science is science's second chance to get causal inference right: A classification of data science tasks
2Kargas et al.Tensors, Learning, and 'Kolmogorov Extension' for Finite-alphabet Random Vectors
3Ortega et al.Graph Signal Processing
3Ortega et al.Graph Signal Processing
3Dutil et al.Plan, Attend, Generate: Planning for Sequence-to-Sequence Models
1Enderletopic-modeling-tool: A point-and-click tool for creating and analyzing topic models produced by MALLET
2Donoho50 Years of Data Science
2BengioThe Consciousness Prior
1BornThe Universal Library by Kurd Lasswitz
2Lee et al.The human touch: How non-expert users perceive, interpret, and fix topic models
3Rizoiu et al.A Tutorial on Hawkes Processes for Events in Social Media
1MorsePython class for Hawkes processes
1Big data
1TufekciTwitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest
1WeinbergerOur Machines Now Have Knowledge We’ll Never Understand
2Blei et al.Variational Inference: A Review for Statisticians
1Network Security: How Threat Hunting Can Use Link Analysis to Discover the Unknown of the Unknowns - (And No, It's not STIX)

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