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1Enderletopic-modeling-tool: A point-and-click tool for creating and analyzing topic models produced by MALLET
2Lee et al.The human touch: How non-expert users perceive, interpret, and fix topic models
1Big data
1TufekciTwitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest
1WeinbergerOur Machines Now Have Knowledge We’ll Never Understand
1Network Security: How Threat Hunting Can Use Link Analysis to Discover the Unknown of the Unknowns - (And No, It's not STIX)
1McCrackenLink Analysis: Special Find Path and Sequencing the Chain of Calls in Call Data Record Analysis
1Link Analysis: Why Entity Resolution breaks and how to fix it...
2Belford et al.Stability of Topic Modeling via Matrix Factorization
1DonthaThe Origins of Big Data
2CastroBig Data in the Digital Humanities. New Conversations in the Global Academic Context
5Vogel and DussutourDirect transfer of learned behaviour via cell fusion in non-neural organisms
1MillerMore on Statistics vs Data Science
2Kumaran et al.Computations Underlying Social Hierarchy Learning: Distinct Neural Mechanisms for Updating and Representing Self-Relevant Information
1GarnerData Science up and down the Ladder of Abstraction
2EglashAn Introduction to Generative Justice
1Mazur and ManleyExploratory Models in a time of Big Data
1StevensHadooping the genome: The impact of big data tools on biology

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