Collect resources on narrative too -- the idea that conversation requires a "wo
1Mining the Dispatch
1About the Woodchipper: Byron and Austen
1TOME: Interactive TOpic Model and MEtadata Visualization
1Quickstart Guide
1My E-Tickets
1Rare Interview from 1978 | Webcrunchers
1MITx: MAS.S69x: Big Data and Social Physics
1Who actually coined the term Big Data
1Predictive Data Mining - 1st Edition
1Big data
1Randal Bryant, Randy H. Katz and Edward D. Lazowska, “Big-Data Computing: Creating Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Commerce, Science and Society,” December 2008, pp. 1-15, at - Google Search
1Find @ U.Va. - Discover online articles and journals - University of Virginia Library
19780262034357.jpg (1500×2219)
1Leonard Kleinrock, the TX-2 and the Seeds of the Internet | Internet Hall of Fame
A Quick History of the Internet
1Bridgeblogger and Xenophile, a tale of two bloggers | ... My heart’s in Accra
1Salam Pax: How I became the Baghdad Blogger
1Seeking “Bridge Bloggers”

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