2DarlingA theoretical and practical implementation tutorial on topic modeling and gibbs sampling
2Steyvers and GriffithsProbabilistic topic models
2Blei and LaffertyDynamic topic models
0BleiIntroduction to Probabilistic Topic Models
2Jelodar et al.Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) and Topic modeling: models, applications, a survey
2Hernán et al.Data science is science's second chance to get causal inference right: A classification of data science tasks
2DonohoHigh-Dimensional Data Analysis: The Curses and Blessings of Dimensionality
1BreimanStatistical Modeling : The Two Cultures
2Griva et al.Linear and Nonlinear Optimization, Second Edition
2RobevaAlgebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology
2WagnerThe Invention of Culture
2Levy and GoldbergNeural word embedding as implicit matrix factorization
3PearlCausal inference in statistics: An overview
1Manning and SchützeFoundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing
2Morse et al.Persistent cascades: Measuring fundamental communication structure in social networks
3Rizoiu et al.A Tutorial on Hawkes Processes for Events in Social Media
2Richards et al.Advancing computational models of narrative
1FinlaysonCorpus Annotation in Service of Intelligent Narrative Technologies.
2Finlayson et al.Computational models of narrative: Review of a workshop
2Hervás and FinlaysonThe prevalence of descriptive referring expressions in news and narrative

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