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1Who actually coined the term Big Data
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1Predictive Data Mining - 1st Edition
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1Find @ U.Va. - Discover online articles and journals - University of Virginia Library
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19780262034357.jpg (1500×2219)
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1Network Security: How Threat Hunting Can Use Link Analysis to Discover the Unknown of the Unknowns - (And No, It's not STIX)
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1Link Analysis: Why Entity Resolution breaks and how to fix it...
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1information, n.
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1MillerMore on Statistics vs Data Science
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1StanfordStatistical Mechanics Lecture 1
1Entropy and conservation of information
5Vogel and DussutourDirect transfer of learned behaviour via cell fusion in non-neural organisms
0TaubeThe Symbolism of Turquoise in Ancient Mesoamerica
1Dojer et al.Tutorial on using BNfinder software
1SperberRethinking Symbolism
1McKeeWhat Is Textual Analysis?
1KayA Life of Language
0RheingoldWell Party 2
0RheingoldWell Party 1
0etvteluguindiaJabardasth Masti - Nuvve Kavali - Fare Well Party Comedy Scenes
0nibiuploaderHoward Rheingold on early days of the WELL
0nibiuploaderHoward Rheingold on early days of the WELL
0nibiuploaderHoward Rheingold on early days of the WELL
0nibiuploaderHoward Rheingold on early days of the WELL
0nibiuploaderThe early days of the WELL
1Segaran and HammerbacherBeautiful Data: The Stories Behind Elegant Data Solutions
2Kumaran et al.Computations Underlying Social Hierarchy Learning: Distinct Neural Mechanisms for Updating and Representing Self-Relevant Information
1PosnerVery basic strategies for interpreting results from the Topic Modeling Tool
1BrettTopic Modeling: A Basic Introduction
1UnderwoodTopic modeling made just simple enough.
1MimnoUsing phrases in Mallet topic models
1NSF Award Search: Award#1626983 - Envisioning the Data Science Discipline: The Undergraduate Perspective
1Eisenstein et al.TopicViz: Interactive Topic Exploration in Document Collections
0BleiIntroduction to Probabilistic Topic Models
1Eisenstein et al.TopicViz: Interactive Topic Exploration in Document Collections
2Rongword2vec parameter learning explained
1Melville et al.Sentiment Analysis of Blogs by Combining Lexical Knowledge with Text Classification
1Toolbar implementation creates super annoying re-rendering.
2Griffiths et al.Topics in semantic representation.
2Griffiths and SteyversFinding scientific topics
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2Mccallum et al.Topic and role discovery in social networks
2Blei et al.Latent dirichlet allocation
1Ahmed et al.Scalable Inference in Latent Variable Models
2Wang et al.PLDA: Parallel Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Large-Scale Applications
1Liu et al.PLDA+: Parallel Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Data Placement and Pipeline Processing
2Yan et al.Parallel Inference for Latent Dirichlet Allocation on Graphics Processing Units
1Mei et al.Topic Sentiment Mixture: Modeling Facets and Opinions in Weblogs
1Lin and HeJoint Sentiment/Topic Model for Sentiment Analysis
1Jim Oreluk - CS267 HW0
1Masada and TakasuExtraction of Topic Evolutions from References in Scientific Articles and Its GPU Acceleration
2Lu et al.Accelerating Topic Model Training on a Single Machine
1Latour and TeilThe Hume Machine. Can associations networks do more than formal rules? |
1JacobsCo-term network analysis as a means of describing the information landscapes of knowledge communities across sectors
0Carlson and GormanSocio-technical graphs and cognitive maps: A response to Latour, Mauguin and Teil
1Latour et al.A note on socio-technical graphs
1LewesProblems of life and mind,
1UnderwoodWhat kinds of “topics” does topic modeling actually produce?
2LeetaruCulturomics 2.0: Forecasting large-scale human behavior using global news media tone in time and space
1Leetaru and SchrodtGdelt: Global data on events, location, and tone, 1979–2012
1Leetaru et al.Mapping the global Twitter heartbeat: The geography of Twitter
00 Notes on the ARL Project
2Venuti et al.Predicting the tolerance level of religious discourse through computational linguistics
1JohnsonTranslating Maya Hieroglyphs
1StevensHadooping the genome: The impact of big data tools on biology

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