2Brown et al.An estimate of an upper bound for the entropy of English
3Ortega et al.Graph Signal Processing
2Veeravalli and BanerjeeChapter 6 - Quickest Change Detection
3Jurafsky et al.Speech and Language Processing
2Kukutai and TaylorIndigenous Data Sovereignty: Toward an agenda
2Le and MikolovDistributed Representations of Sentences and Documents
2Segarra et al.Authorship Attribution Through Function Word Adjacency Networks
2Yan et al.Applications of graph theory in protein structure identification
1Segarra et al.Reconstruction of Graph Signals Through Percolation from Seeding Nodes
2Shuman et al.The emerging field of signal processing on graphs: Extending high-dimensional data analysis to networks and other irregular domains
3Ortega et al.Graph Signal Processing
1Bayar et al.Probabilistic Non-Negative Matrix Factorization: Theory and Application to Microarray Data Analysis
2Goldberg and Levyword2vec Explained: deriving Mikolov et al.'s negative-sampling word-embedding method
0Alvarado and HumphreysBig Data, Thick Mediation, and Representational Opacity
3Lopez-MedranoHow Information Transfer works: interpretation of Information Contents in Bayes Theorem. Understanding Negative Information
1Gärdenfors and WilliamsReasoning About Categories in Conceptual Spaces
2GärdenforsConceptual Spaces as a Basis for Cognitive Semantics
2MichieLearning Concepts from Data
1Petersen and PedersenThe Matrix Cookbook
1Frisby and StoneSeeing: the computational approach to biological vision

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